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More than 90% of new cars sold are now equipped with air conditioning as standard.

But, did you know that it is recommended that you should have your air conditioning system serviced with gas and lubricant every 2 years

Air conditioning cools the passenger cabin during warm weather and helps de-mist in winter by removing excess moisture, but a poorly maintained system can result in headaches, watery eyes, runny nose and poor vehicle performance thanks to the growth of bacteria within the system.

Car and van air conditioning systems will tend to lose refrigerant over time as it leaks out through the joints in components. This will cause the air conditioning performance to deteriorate and just when you need that cold blast of air to keep you cool, it may not work at all.

You can rest assured that we offer an efficient, economical and environmentally safe service of your A/C system. Our air conditioning clean service removes all the harmful bacteria that can build up within the air conditioning system.

By circulating a special cleaner through all air intakes and venting systems this service removes any unpleasant smells, leaving your car smelling clean and fresh.

Our Re-Gas service ensures that your air conditioning system is working efficiently by testing the gas pressure to see if it has dropped. A drop in gas pressure will result in a loss of cooling efficiency which will make your engine work harder and in turn use more fuel.

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